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Guia de cidade para Auckland, New Zealand
Fun things to do in Auckland, New Zealand.

Pavilhões populares em Auckland

Eden Park

Mt. Smart Stadium

New Zealand Warriors
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Hotels in Auckland

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Melhores restaurantes


Kokako 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Coffee & Tea, Vegetarian, Cafes
Complete package. Great food, great atmosphere, fantastic coffee, awesome customer service. Having been in many cafes in the world, I can say this is one...
Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Salad, Chicken Shop, Burgers
Absolutely love this place! It's so perfect for that 5pm "what to have for dinner" stress when you really can't be bothered heading home to cook something...
Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn 4 estrela(s) de classificação

Dive Bars, Music Venues, Tapas/Small Plates
Their Welsh Rarebit is to die for!! And the vibe is always great on the weekends. Dimly lit, great outdoor bar, festoon lights and mulled wine in winter. Bliss.
Orphan's Kitchen

Orphan's Kitchen 4 estrela(s) de classificação

New Zealand, Tapas/Small Plates, Breakfast & Brunch
This morning I finally made the early morning trek across the bridge to check out Orphan Kitchen's much raved about breakfast menu. I love that it's a...

Sawadee 4 estrela(s) de classificação

I had always heard great things about Sawadee, but sadly had never been, possibly due to the fact that I have only eaten Thai food twice in my life! So,...