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Guia de cidade para Macomb, Illinois
Fun things to do in Macomb, Illinois.

Pavilhões populares em Macomb

Western Hall

Western Illinois Leathernecks
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Top Restaurantes

Italian Express

Italian Express 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

So here's a kudos to people doing things the right way, the same way, day in and day out. It shocks me a bit that this is not up already on Yelp, but this...
Yummy Chen's

Yummy Chen's 3.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Chinese, Sushi Bars, Thai
While on a trip to Macomb to visit my cousin who attends the university, I was told this was one of the few really notable restaurants in town. I was...
The Kabob House Mediterranean Grill

The Kabob House Mediterranean Grill 3.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Mediterranean, Arabian
Yummmmm!! Chicken Shawerma Plate Very tasty! We eat Middle Eastern food across the U. S. whenever we get a chance. I wasn't sure what we would find...
Rocky's Bar & Grill

Rocky's Bar & Grill 3.5 estrela(s) de classificação

This place wasn't bad. My friend and I wanted to try something new, so we both went with the 1/2lb make it yourself burger. I asked for just lettuce and...
Macomb Family Diner

Macomb Family Diner 3.5 estrela(s) de classificação

American (Traditional), Diners
Had breakfast on the way to church Sunday, it's right next to The Crossing. The atmosphere had nice old diner feel, the service was outstanding, the food...