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Guia de cidade para Tokyo, Japan
Fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

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量平寿司 5 estrela(s) de classificação

Sushi Bars
Excellent! The review from Jason caught my eye and glad I kept trying to find this 2nd floor restaurant among the many along the side street. The friendly...

かつ精 5 estrela(s) de classificação

Deus Ex Machina Harajuku

Deus Ex Machina Harajuku 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Cafes, Bars, Sandwiches
Miles away from the coastline, Deus brings you a feel of sun, white sand and beach brakes. Such a good place to escape the big city buzz. Solid coffee,...

太陽のトマト麺 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Tomato ramen! It almost tastes like spaghetti with soup, but way better! I wish there was more cheese...! It's at the station connected with a mall called...
一蘭 新橋店

一蘭 新橋店 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Ichiran cooks up some amazing ramen! I've had my favourite bowl of ramen here and still think about it, a few weeks after my trip to Japan. It was just that...

蕎楽亭 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

Soba, Comfort Food, Izakaya
Nothing beats handmade soba. The texture, consistency, and flavor of the soba at Kyorakutei is amazing. I had the hot yuba (hot soba in broth of tofu skin),...

五ノ神製作所 4.5 estrela(s) de classificação

it's like they took a giant 20lbs shrimp, cracked its head open and poured the the guts (hepatopancreas) into a bowl to dip your noodles in. hella good...