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  • Zappos Theater, secção: VIP23, fila: A, lugar: 10
    Shania Twain tour: Let's Go!
    Awesome seats. I actually preferred these over front row because my neck didn't hurt at the end of the night from looking up the whole time.
  • Zappos Theater, secção: 309, fila: A, lugar: 1
    Shania Twain tour: Let's Go!
    Surprisingly great view, even without the big screens
  • T-Mobile Arena, secção: 210, fila: B, lugar: 8
    Luke Combs tour: What You See Is What You Get Tour
    Great seats for a stage in the round.
  • Zappos Theater, secção: Gold Circle Right, fila: A, lugar: 4
    Shania Twain tour: Let's Go!
    Awesome seats, awesome concert. 👌
  • Michelob Ultra Arena, secção: 112, fila: H, lugar: 5
    Marc Anthony
    Another view from these seats with a little zoom
  • The Colosseum At Caesars Palace, secção: 402, fila: B, lugar: 215
    Rod Stewart tour: The Hits
    Excellent seats. Got them for $20 all in and better than the seats I had in the 200 level for the same show.

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  • The Colosseum At Caesars Palace, secção: 402, fila: B, lugar: 215
    Rod Stewart tour: The Hits
    Surprised how good the seats were. Saw same show on the first level section 200 and these seats had a much better view.
  • Michelob Ultra Arena, secção: 112, fila: H, lugar: 5
    Marc Anthony tour: Marc Anthony Tour
    Great seats, no obstructions. There are only 3 in this section and then a gap, so plenty of room and no one sat in the 3rd seat. Great view of the entire stage but far from the stage 9x
  • MGM Grand Garden Arena, secção: 203, fila: K, lugar: 8
    Enrique Iglesias tour: Ricky Martin
    Seats don't seem bad, a little far though.
  • T-Mobile Arena, secção: 220, fila: G, lugar: 8
    Michael Bublé tour: An Evening with Michael Bublé
    High up but good view especially since the stage extended to the mid level of the floor
  • Allegiant Stadium, secção: 139, fila: 25, lugar: 5
    Seattle Sounders FC vs Club Leon
    Great seats
  • T-Mobile Arena, secção: 14, fila: U, lugar: 15
    iHeart Radio Music Festival
    Great view and proximity to stage, but sitting by the isle next to the ramp sucks as people keep walking right past your view so you either have to stand up or just get blocked view everytime someone walks by which is a lot as this isle also offers floor access.

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  • Zappos Theater, secção: 103, fila: L, lugar: 22
    Iggy Azalea tour: I Feel Good Tour
    Great seats when everyone is seated. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  • Zappos Theater, secção: PIT
    Pitbull tour: I Feel Good Tour
    Great view from the pit. We hung out in the back and could see fine and I'm short. Would definitely do PIT again.
  • Cashman Field, secção: 6, fila: U
    Las Vegas Lights vs Oakland Roots
    Good seats for a view but very uncomfortable bleacher seats.
  • Zappos Theater, secção: 101, fila: K, lugar: 3
    Seats were ok. Was hard to see when everyone stood up which was half the show. Also can't see the full screen behind the artists because of the angle so you miss the visual effects of the show. The positive is it is a decently close seat
  • V Theater, fila: 5
    The Jets tour: 80s And 90s Experience
    Not bad seats at all. It is like an old movie theater with not much of a slope but could still see as it wasn't packed
  • The Strat Theater, secção: VIP Tables
    Bandachek's Mind Games
    Great seats, but then a tall man sat in the table in front of me. The theater was 1/4 full so I just moved my chair but if it was packed would have had an obstructed view.
  • Encore Theatre At Wynn, secção: ORCHC, fila: U, lugar: 117
    Tom Papa tour: Family Reunion Tour
    Excellent seats, no problems seeing and they are very centered seats. No one behind you as it is the production booth. Would sit here again.
  • Atrium Showroom, secção: Sec2, fila: J, lugar: 21
    Carrot Top
    Great seats with a great view. I've sat in Sec4 for Careot Top and it is too far. These are definitely great seats.
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