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Amanda0849 partilhou 11 fotos de 11 pavilhões.

Amanda0849 recebeu 2 obrigados.

  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, secção: Orchestra R, fila: E, lugar: 4
    Excellent view of the stage!
  • Hayes Theater, secção: Mezzanine C, fila: D, lugar: 111
    Full view of the stage, though there were a couple of times where I felt like I was a bit too far back to appreciate the subtler details.
  • Ambassador Theatre, secção: Orchestra C, fila: BB, lugar: 106
    I tried so hard to capture the full logo, but couldn’t 😅 As you can imagine, with it being a front row seat, it’s very close. While there are certain drawbacks (not being able to see everything at once), it was pretty cool being this close to the actors
  • Barrymore Theatre, secção: Front Mezzanine C, fila: A, lugar: 111
    Genuinely surprised that this seat wasn’t listed as being premium! Easily the best view I’ve ever had
  • Winter Garden Theatre, secção: Mezzanine RC, fila: F, lugar: 106
    One of the last few rows, but for the price, it’s a really good seat! Full view of the stage, and I never got the feeling that I was too far away from the stage.
  • Marquis Theatre, secção: Orchestra R, fila: C, lugar: 6
    Perfect view of the stage!!

  • Anúncio
  • Gershwin Theatre, secção: Orchestra C, fila: U, lugar: 101
    A little far back. But overall, it’s a good seat where you can see everything! It also gets bonus points, since it’s the aisle seat.
  • Eugene O'Neill Theatre, secção: Mezzanine L, fila: B, lugar: 25
    The Book of Mormon
    Lotto Seat. Decent for the price, but the left side of the stage is obstructed.
  • Hudson Theatre, secção: Balcony R, fila: B, lugar: 10
    Burn This
    Lottery seat. Great view that offers a view of the whole stage!
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), secção: Center Orchestra, fila: S, lugar: 118
    The SpongeBob Musical , on Broadway
    A very good seat, where you can see everything. A little far back for my taste, but that's because I'm a stickler for facial expressions.
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, secção: Orchestra R, fila: H, lugar: 20
    Kinky Boots
    Slight obstruction on the far right of the stage, but you're not missing much.