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  • Wrigley Field, secção: 323R, fila: 1, lugar: 11
    Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlins
    Seat shaded from overhang all afternoon (Aug. 6, 2022, 1:20pm Central game start). Fantastic concessions and restrooms nearby. And most importantly a water fountain designed to fill water bottles, too.
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 413L, fila: 5, lugar: 5
    Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets
    Seats were under roof top always in shade. Great view of the field and both jumbo screens. rnBottom of 8th, 1 out: Baez hit his 100th career home run! Three run homer. Cubs win 5-3!
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 222, fila: 18, lugar: 2
    Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Seat under overhang, never in sun
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 205, fila: 6, lugar: 7
    Chicago Cubs vs Arizona Diamondbacks
    Seat is shaded, even by 12:30pm so come early and enjoy beautiful Wrigley Field before an afternoon game. (I had previously uploaded this photo to the Ballpark App so was able to put the Cubs insignia on the photo!)
  • Guaranteed Rate Field, secção: 140, fila: 32, lugar: 2
    Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Guardians
    Seat was under an overhang and completely in shade for a bright afternoon game. Good view of 3rd base side above White Sox dugout.
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 232, fila: 13, lugar: 22
    Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlins
    7:05pm CT game start - Seat was in sunshine for around 30 min in evening before sun went behind buildings

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  • Guaranteed Rate Field, secção: 116, fila: 10, lugar: 7
    Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers
    Open air, sunny for afternoon game at first, but becomes shaded later. 8-27-2017 1:10pm game.
  • American Family Field, secção: 431, fila: 15, lugar: 12
    Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs
    Great view of park, all shade. 7-30-2017 1:10pm game.
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 231, fila: 13, lugar: 4
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    7/9/17 afternoon game. This seat has full shade from overhang above.
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 232, fila: 13, lugar: 4
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    7/9/17 afternoon game - In full sun until 12:40-12:45pm
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, secção: Dress Circle L, fila: DD, lugar: 5
    From 7/6/2017. Far left side of stage not visible. This wasn't a big problem and worth the discounted price for ticket. But I would prefer seat 1 or 3 next time in this row.
  • Wrigley Field, secção: 110, fila: 9, lugar: 4
    Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers
    No obstructions, great distance from baseball diamond, shade by 1:30pm Central. 3rd baseline not too far from Cubs dugout.

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  • Wrigley Field, secção: 208, fila: 19, lugar: 10
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Notice the post that obstructs view of Pitcher's Mound and 1st Base.