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Deadcell34 partilhou 4 fotos de 1 pavilhões.

Deadcell34 recebeu 2 obrigados.

  • Bridgestone Arena, secção: 302, fila: Q, lugar: 19
    Nashville Predators vs Calgary Flames
  • Bridgestone Arena, secção: 224, fila: D, lugar: 11
    Nashville Predators vs Florida Panthers
    Away team shoots twice. Great view of Gnash’s repel entrance.
  • Bridgestone Arena, secção: 305, fila: G, lugar: 12
    Nashville Predators vs Vegas Golden Knights
    Away team shoots twice. Close to Cellblock 303 (the most hardcore of the fan base), BBQ restaurant just outside in hallway, fairly close to the restrooms. The only real con is the view of left side goal is obstructed due to the safety rail.
  • Bridgestone Arena, secção: 213, fila: F, lugar: 17
    Nashville Predators vs Minnesota Wild
    Great seats, right next to entry way where concessions are. Fairly close to rest rooms as well.