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  • New Amsterdam Theatre, secção: Mezzanine C, fila: MM, lugar: 109
    Good view of the stage, but far. Can't make out faces unless they're at the lip of the stage. Tight legroom. (The seating in the back mezz area isn't great. Expect to do a lot of leaning to see around the people in front of you)
  • St. James Theatre, secção: Balcony R, fila: A, lugar: 18
    Have to lean forward to see over the railings and tech, can't make out faces. Legroom tight. Although the view is good, it's far. Was $100 when I went months ago, but is now $57 and worth the price.
  • August Wilson Theatre, secção: Orchestra R, fila: D, lugar: 10
    Mean Girls
    My companion was in D12 and was fine. Honestly, this shouldn't even be listed as partial. Other than the projected background (which is never that complicated), you don't miss anything at all. Set pieces and acting are all focused around the center.