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  • Stereo Live
    K.A.R.D tour: Wild KARD Tour
    This is from the right side of the stage. It's really good, but as you can see, there is equipment that does block the view a little bit, but still a good spot. I was so close to the stage in fact that I was able to put my phone on the stage and one of the members recorded themselves with my phone.
  • The Theatre at Grand Prairie, secção: 205, fila: AA, lugar: 13
    SHINee tour: Shinee World V
    If you're short like me and there's taller people in the section in front, especially the last row, you will hate this seat. The only time I was able to see the members were when they went to the left side of the stage. When the members were in the middle, I couldn't see a thing and was stuck looking at the screens.
  • Revention Music Center, secção: 204, fila: A, lugar: 15
    Got7 tour: Flight Log: Turbulence In USA
    Such an amazing seat! You get an amazing view and since it's an aisle seat you have plenty of room to dance and move around. Also, stage lights are always hitting here and can be directly on you at times. It could be a good or bad thing.