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  • Red Bull Arena (New Jersey), secção: 125, fila: 11, lugar: 31
    New York Red Bulls vs Atletico Pantoja
    Excellent seat, good view of the entire pitch. This seat is in the sun for day games. Consider a cap either way to block out either the sun (day) or the stadium lights (night).
  • Citi Field, secção: 505, fila: 15, lugar: 9
    New York Mets vs Milwaukee Brewers
    Covered by the promenade overhang. Best section in the cheapest seating tier (promenade outfield), minimal obstruction of right field.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 208, fila: 3, lugar: 9
    New Jersey Devils vs Tampa Bay Lightning
    Have to lean forward to see the attack twice goal and everything behind the parallel red line sure to glass on your left. Sitting a seat or two over is better.
  • Coca-Cola Park, secção: 107, fila: K, lugar: 17
    Lehigh Valley IronPigs vs Louisville Bats
    Great seat. Netting was extended in front of this seat for the 2018 season.
  • Yankee Stadium, secção: 110, fila: 27, lugar: 3
    New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles
    Good view. This particular seat is almost under a speaker so consider bringing earplugs.
  • Barclays Center, secção: 214, fila: 5, lugar: 16
    New York Islanders vs Philadelphia Flyers

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  • Citi Field, secção: 505, fila: 12, lugar: 9
    New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals
    Best section within the Promenade Outfield section (cheapest tier of seats). Slight obstruction of the RF corner. Try to sit a few rows back so you're not by the stairs. Higher rows are in the shade for day games.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 210, fila: 5, lugar: 8
    New Jersey Devils vs Tampa Bay Lightning
    Okay seat. Minor obstruction from glass/handrail below the goal on the defend twice side. Seats with a higher number in this row are less obstructed.
  • Barclays Center, secção: 214, fila: 11, lugar: 12
    New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning
    Good for the price, sitting a few rows lower is ideal, the section is steep and each row is a big step up.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 216, fila: 5, lugar: 5
    New Jersey Devils vs New York Islanders
    Patrick Elias jersey retirement night. Despite being a cheap seat you get a solid view of the ice with almost no obstruction, just a tiny bit of glass over one corner (picture taken while standing, glass not visible).
  • Prudential Center, secção: 5, fila: 19, lugar: 17
    New Jersey Devils vs Carolina Hurricanes
    Great seat. You're high enough that you have a good view of the far end of the ice. I wouldn't recommend sitting lower as seeing the other end of the I've might be tough.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 129, fila: 8, lugar: 8
    New Jersey Devils vs Calgary Flames
    Excellent seat, excellent viewing angle.

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  • Prudential Center, secção: 102, fila: 9, lugar: 5
    New Jersey Devils vs Detroit Red Wings
    Good seat, especially the view near the shoot twice end.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 229, fila: 4, lugar: 1
    New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers
    Poor seat. Largely obstructed by glass and partially by a handrail. Sit a few rows back or closer to the middle.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 121, fila: 5, lugar: 13
    New Jersey Devils vs Winnipeg Jets
    Generally good seat, especially for the price. Excellent view of the end the visitors shoot twice in. Okay view of the Devils shoot twice end.
  • Prudential Center, secção: 210, fila: 2, lugar: 19
    New Jersey Devils vs Vegas Golden Knights
    Terrible seat. The view is almost entirely obstructed by a handrail and the glass that supports it. You also need to deal with lots of people entering/exiting your row and climbing the stairs. Sit closer to the middle and a few rows back.