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  • Spartan Stadium, secção: 6, fila: 16, lugar: 33
    Michigan State Spartans vs Washington Huskies
    Great view of game when it’s on your side of the field. Once play is down field it’s much more difficult to see play.
  • Spartan Stadium, secção: 109, fila: 6, lugar: 7
    Michigan State Spartans vs Washington Huskies
    Great sight line of the field throughout the entire game. This seat has a back rest, as do the two seats to the left (7-9). Bonus, first game they’ve served alcohol in the stadium.
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 120R, fila: 27, lugar: 2
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago Cubs
    Great view of plate throughout the game.
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 533, fila: 1, lugar: 5
    Toronto Blue Jays vs San Francisco Giants
    Decent view of field and vantage point when the ball is hit. Close to dugout deals stand.
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 523, fila: 12, lugar: 13
    Toronto Blue Jays vs San Francisco Giants
    A bit tough to see elevation of the ball when hit. Good view of the field and plate. Looney Dog night, over 56k devoured!
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 222R, fila: 8, lugar: 4
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Atlanta Braves
    Prime location. Amazing view of the entire field. Easy to track ball and stay on top of the action. Danny Jansen 2 run Mothers Day walk off

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  • Rogers Centre, secção: 236R, fila: 1, lugar: 3
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago White Sox
    Close to Dugout Deals stand. Foul ball territory on big hits.
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 222R, fila: 8, lugar: 1
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers
    Excellent sight-line of the field. TD clubhouse, quick service and nice washrooms right behind section. Bonus…Earliest the dome has been open in franchise history (April 13th)
  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: 110, fila: 7, lugar: 9
    Toronto Raptors vs Oklahoma City Thunder
    For how tucked in the corner you are the view is amazing.
  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: 108, fila: 13, lugar: 5
    Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls
    Perfect perspective of court. Straight up great seats. Views better than photo looks
  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: 306, fila: 15, lugar: 6
    Toronto Maple Leafs vs Seattle Kraken
    You’re way up there, but the view is still decent. $6.50 Crown Royal’s, can’t complain.
  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: 113, fila: 7, lugar: 3
    Toronto Maple Leafs vs Calgary Flames
    Leafs shoot twice at net. Great angle of zone. Marner PP OT winner

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  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: crts, fila: c, lugar: 55
    Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets
    Can hear players trash talk. Aisle quite narrow walking by people sitting. If you're shorter, two rows in front may obstruct view at times.
  • Little Caesars Arena, secção: 112, fila: 17, lugar: 1
    Detroit Pistons vs Toronto Raptors
    Aisle seat right at section entrance. People walking in view here & there, but manageable. Otherwise great seats. St.Cecilia’s City Edition Jersey Debut.
  • Scotiabank Arena, secção: 302, fila: 1, lugar: 6
    Toronto Raptors vs Atlanta Hawks
    Shot clock in the way at times. Washrooms/concessions right outside gate. Worth it if priced low
  • BMO Field, secção: 122, fila: 16, lugar: 5
    Toronto FC vs Inter Miami
    Great view of field. Behind TFC bench. Quick access to concessions/washrooms
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 222R, fila: 8, lugar: 2
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Great vantage point. Clear view of home plate. You're in the TD Clubhouse. Cushioned seats. Fast in seat service! Nice washrooms right behind you. Sun coverage during game.
  • Rogers Centre, secção: 522, fila: 3, lugar: 5
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Good view for value (paid $5). Home plate view is unobstructed throughout the game.
  • Budweiser Stage, secção: LAWN, fila: GA5
    Styx and REO Speedwagon with Loverboy Digressão: Live and UnZoomed
    Lawn Life! View better than anticipated. Angle of hill makes for good viewing over people in front of you. Get there a bit earlier than you think to lock down a spot.
  • Budweiser Stage, secção: 405, fila: E, lugar: 5
    Goo Goo Dolls Digressão: Summer Tour 2022
    Decent considering you’re in the back section of seating. Pillar is slightly obstructing the far right of the stage but manageable.
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