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  • Hammons Field, secção: H, fila: 2, lugar: 14
    Springfield Cardinals vs Northwest Arkansas Naturals
    Great seats. The backstop is much closer to home plate then some ballparks.
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 261, fila: 1, lugar: 4
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers
    It is just as good as being in the BOA club just no all you can eat and drink ;) better price though :D These are great action seats as well w/ a good view of the IF and OF together. Ducks on the POND!
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 143, fila: 1, lugar: 5
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds
    This speaks for its self. Is hot During Day games period and you should wear some sunblock but I mean who wouldn't sit here?
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 239, fila: 1, lugar: 6
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds
    Better view of the game then you would think. It's in the sweet spot between IF and OF so you see it all! Would be great for clear summer nights and Spring Fall days but a very Hot seat I would imagine during the Summer Days.
  • Busch Stadium , secção: 239, fila: 1, lugar: 6
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 244, fila: 15, lugar: 12
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs
    Last row of section allowing standing. Beam next to 12 so you have room for your cooler and bags. Covered from elements. Access to Redbird club for food and drinks. Great seats for the money.

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  • Busch Stadium, secção: 133, fila: 29, lugar: 29
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Covered. A better view then you would think.
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 141D, fila: K, lugar: 1
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves
    Really good view of first and players as they come off of defense. It is a little hard to get to the Dugout club from here but the view makes up for it. Lots of vendors.
  • Busch Stadium, secção: 140, fila: 8, lugar: 10
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds
    Great seat for noon games and early afternoon. Close to 1st base lounge to get your drinks.