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  • The Music Center at Strathmore, secção: Promenade, fila: G, lugar: 3
    Black Violin
    November 12, 2016
  • Filene Center, secção: Corp Box
    Wynton Marsalis and Lincoln Center Jazz Orch
    First row in Boeing's box. Sight lines are great but anyone much taller than 5'6' may feel a bit cramped
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Orchestra L, fila: M, lugar: 11
    Better view of stage from seat.
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Orchestra L, fila: M, lugar: 11
    Minimally partial view. You can't see the wings on the left side but for this production, that did not detract from the show.
  • Ford's Theatre, secção: Balcony, fila: F, lugar: 10
    Into the Woods
    This seat should have been advertised as a "partial view seat." Any action on the stage (to my right) was not seen or only partially seen. The pole was less obstructive than the balcony.
  • Imperial Theatre, secção: Front Mezzanine R, fila: A, lugar: 2
    Ain't Too Proud
    This row is the first in the section and is covered by a curtain. Though it's a bit high, I loved being able to extend my legs over the edge. There is short leg room from Row B on back (as the woman behind me had trouble settling in to her seat).

  • Anúncio
  • Sidney Harman Hall, secção: Orchestra W, fila: H, lugar: 102
    The Oresteia
    The seat is one in from the aisle. Though the scenery is dark here, once the house lights went down, the entire stage was clearly seen.
  • Gershwin Theatre, secção: Front Mezzanine L, fila: BB, lugar: 1
    The view was good and clear. The seats were a bit tight for leg room (I'm only 5'5") but I was on the aisle and that allowed me to sit sideways.
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Box 5, lugar: 1
    A lovely seat for viewing the full stage. This box seat made up for the awful experience at CIBC theater in Chicago.
  • CIBC Theatre, secção: ORCHESTRA L, fila: ZZ, lugar: 11
    This is a "limited view" seat because the ceiling blocks the upper part of the set. You will see NOTHING of the actors when they're on the upper part of the set. 4 months later (saw Ham in DC): do NOT pay full price for reduced viewing.