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  • National Theatre (DC), secção: Mezzanine L, fila: E, lugar: 19
    Six is more of a concert than theater. These seats were lovely!
  • Filene Center, secção: Prime Orchestra L, fila: M, lugar: 1
    Black Violin
  • Woolly Mammoth Theatre, secção: Box 4, lugar: 7
    Ain't no Mo'
    This is also one of the wheelchair accessible boxes
  • Filene Center, secção: Prime Orchestra L, fila: F, lugar: 37
    Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!
    AUG 2022 These seats are too far forward to see the Jumbotron screen. And too far to the left to see the podium clearly or the panelists who were on the far right of the stage.
  • Michael R. Klein Theatre at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, secção: Main, fila: O, lugar: 109
    The notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
    OCT 2022
  • The Music Center at Strathmore, secção: Promenade, fila: G, lugar: 3
    Black Violin
    November 12, 2016

  • Anúncio
  • Filene Center, secção: Corp Box
    Wynton Marsalis and Lincoln Center Jazz Orch
    First row in Boeing's box. Sight lines are great but anyone much taller than 5'6' may feel a bit cramped
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Orchestra L, fila: M, lugar: 11
    Better view of stage from seat.
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Orchestra L, fila: M, lugar: 11
    Minimally partial view. You can't see the wings on the left side but for this production, that did not detract from the show.
  • Ford's Theatre, secção: Balcony, fila: F, lugar: 10
    Into the Woods
    This seat should have been advertised as a "partial view seat." Any action on the stage (to my right) was not seen or only partially seen. The pole was less obstructive than the balcony.
  • Imperial Theatre, secção: Front Mezzanine R, fila: A, lugar: 2
    Ain't Too Proud
    This row is the first in the section and is covered by a curtain. Though it's a bit high, I loved being able to extend my legs over the edge. There is short leg room from Row B on back (as the woman behind me had trouble settling in to her seat).
  • Sidney Harman Hall, secção: Orchestra, fila: H, lugar: 102
    The Oresteia
    The seat is one in from the aisle. Though the scenery is dark here, once the house lights went down, the entire stage was clearly seen.

  • Anúncio
  • Gershwin Theatre, secção: Front Mezzanine L, fila: BB, lugar: 1
    The view was good and clear. The seats were a bit tight for leg room (I'm only 5'5") but I was on the aisle and that allowed me to sit sideways.
  • The Kennedy Center Opera House, secção: Box 5, lugar: 1
    A lovely seat for viewing the full stage. This box seat made up for the awful experience at CIBC theater in Chicago.
  • CIBC Theatre, secção: ORCHESTRA L, fila: ZZ, lugar: 11
    This is a "limited view" seat because the ceiling blocks the upper part of the set. You will see NOTHING of the actors when they're on the upper part of the set. 4 months later (saw Ham in DC): do NOT pay full price for reduced viewing.