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  • Heinz Hall, secção: PIT-C, fila: B, lugar: 119
    Lewis Black tour: The Joke's On Us Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom; temporary seats in the orchestra pit
  • Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall, secção: Floor Right, fila: F, lugar: 2
    Allen Stone
    iPhone 6, no zoom; great seat by the inner aisle, seats in this theater are NOT comfortable
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH-R, fila: F, lugar: 14
    Jason Mraz tour: Live In Stereo with Toca Rivera
    iPhone 6, no zoom; taken seated during intermission, only 4 stars because it's off to the side
  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 121, fila: S, lugar: 18
    Pittsburgh Penguins vs New Jersey Devils
    iPhone 6, no zoom; railing directly to your left can obstruct view
  • Wells Fargo Center, secção: Suite 43, fila: 1, lugar: 2
    Twenty One Pilots tour: The Bandito Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom; suite has private bathroom, easy access to private entrance and exit
  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 222, fila: J, lugar: 20
    Pittsburgh Penguins vs Vegas Golden Knights
    iPhone 6, no zoom

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  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 222, fila: G, lugar: 18
    Pittsburgh Penguins vs Chicago Blackhawks
    iPhone 6, no zoom; aisle to the left is seat 23
  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 113, fila: J, lugar: 12
    Fall Out Boy tour: MANIA Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom; taken standing up. Great seats in the Captain Morgan club, nine rows from floor, seat 14 is the aisle
  • Heinz Field, secção: NC-010, fila: B, lugar: 16
    Pittsburgh Panthers vs Albany Great Danes
    iPhone 6, no zoom; access to air conditioned/heated private club. Sound is not great.
  • PNC Park, secção: 310, fila: P, lugar: 19
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs
    iPhone 6, no zoom; seats in the shade for afternoon game
  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 102, fila: J, lugar: 2
    Foo Fighters tour: Concrete And Gold Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom; club seats, low numbers closest to the stage in this section
  • Connor Palace, secção: Orch-R, fila: M, lugar: 411
    Dan and Phil tour: Interactive Introverts
    iPhone 6, no zoom; seat is close to stage, far back right of stage isn't visible
  • PPG Paints Arena, secção: 112, fila: P, lugar: 14
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For The Wicked Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom, taken standing during show. Club sections always great with private restrooms and concessions.

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  • Mr. Smalls Theatre, secção: SUBALC, lugar: 8
    Mick Foley: 20 Years Of Hell
    iPhone 6, no zoom; highly recommend the balcony at Mr. Smalls. Price of the upgrade goes towards food and drink tab.
  • Benedum Center, secção: Orch- RC, fila: J, lugar: 26
    Lea Michele and Darren Criss tour: LM/DC Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom
  • Benedum Center, secção: Orch-LC, fila: A, lugar: 31
    The Decemberists tour: Your Girl / Your Ghost World Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom, intermission pic; would be five stars closer to the aisle, but still a great seat and easy exit to your left
  • Palace Theatre (Greensburg), secção: LOGE LEFT, fila: AA, lugar: 4
    Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness tour: The Pen & The Piano Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom. Good leg room, no obstruction
  • Carnegie Music Hall Of Oakland, secção: Circle LC 2, fila: E, lugar: 6
    Joe Biden , American Promise Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom
  • Benedum Center, secção: Orch-C, fila: C, lugar: 113
    iPhone 6, no zoom
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH-L, fila: F, lugar: 3
    Jason Isbell
    iPhone 6, no zoom
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