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  • Saenger Theatre (New Orleans), secção: Balcony L, fila: A, lugar: 11
    This is a Club row - seats are a bit wider, more padded with extra leg room. Great seats just above the aisle behind the Grand Suites section.
  • Saenger Theatre (Pensacola), secção: Orchestra, fila: K, lugar: 110
    Escape to Margaritaville
    Beautiful historical theater - the (not so) raked seating isn't great however; if you get a tall person in front of you it definitely blocks your view.
  • Pensacola Little Theater, secção: Orchestra, fila: D, lugar: 114
    Ballet Pensacola , Dracula
    These seats in the front section are super comfortable - padded, extra wide seats with great leg room. Not a bad seat anywhere in this theater!
  • Fallon Theatre, secção: Orchestra, fila: E, lugar: 14
    Love this campus theatre - seats are comfortable, great views from any seat, terrific sound quality and always great productions! (first two rows remain empty for Covid safety, normally this would be row G)
  • Greenwich House Theater, secção: Balcony , fila: AA, lugar: 1
    Cool theater - front row balcony is a great view not too far back from the stage - the railing would be an obstruction for a child's height probably. Seats are not very comfortable but lots of legroom. Sound was great.
  • Westside Theatre, secção: Orchestra C, fila: B, lugar: 105
    Little Shop of Horrors
    plenty of center stage photos - this pic is of stage left just to show how close you'll sit. This seat will get you in direct line of an Audrey II attack!

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  • Westside Theatre, secção: Orchestra C, fila: D, lugar: 103
    Little Shop of Horrors
    great 4th row just right of center seat - comfortable seats with decent legroom, rake makes for great views even with someone tall in front of you
  • DR2 Theatre, secção: Orchestra, fila: B, lugar: 5
    Regina Comet
    It's an off-off-Broadway house so not a bad seat in the place. The stage is decently sized, seats are a little tight, leg room is decent, sound quality was great!
  • Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre, secção: Orchestra C, fila: D, lugar: 108
    Darlin' Cory
    Love this theatre - not a bad seat in the house! This seat has great legroom, excellent sound quality, very close to the stage (you will have to head swivel to see action on both sides of the stage).
  • Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre, secção: Balcony, fila: E, lugar: 110
    Darlin' Cory
    While there is not a bad seat in this house, this particular seat was perfect! Comfortable chairs, plenty of leg room, the sound quality is amazing with a perfectly centered view of the stage. For a balcony seat it still felt very close to the stage!
  • Pensacola Little Theater, secção: Orchestra, fila: G, lugar: 112
    Lovely theater, all the seats are great views of the stage. Sound can be a bit low at times. Seats are comfortable, house staff is super friendly!
  • Jaeb Theater at The Straz, secção: Balcony 4, fila: B, lugar: 139
    Mean Girls
    Great view - lots of leg room. Sound was fine.

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  • Fox Theatre (Atlanta), secção: Gallery Left C, fila: U, lugar: 37
    Hello, Dolly!
    This seat is literally as far back as you can get - yet the view was still terrific! Sound was fantastic, plenty of legroom. If you have to be in the nosebleeds this is the theater to be in!
  • Grand 1894 Opera House, secção: Balc Center, fila: DDD, lugar: 8
    Finding Neverland
    Back row of upper balcony in front of sound booth. View was great and didn't feel far from stage. Comfortable leg room and could see the full stage. Sound was good, any issues seemed to be due to tech not acoustics.
  • Grand 1894 Opera House, secção: Balc Right, fila: AAA, lugar: 7
    Finding Neverland
    This gorgeous theater was built in 1894. The front row of the top tier balcony was TIGHT. Very little leg room and the low rail caused some anxiety. Slight obstruction of stage left upstage.
  • Saenger Theatre (New Orleans), secção: Balcony L, fila: P, lugar: 15
    Miss Saigon
    Great view of stage, sound was a little... muffled? It's the nosebleeds, but you could still see faces on stage. The rake is great, you shouldn't be blocked by the person in front of you unless they are very tall.