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  • Yankee Stadium, secção: 103, fila: 9, lugar: 19
    New York Yankees vs San Diego Padres
    Awesome seats, complete view of the field, very close to the outfield grass, especially as you moveup the rows.
  • Yankee Stadium, secção: 232a, fila: 4, lugar: 2
    New York Yankees vs Milwaukee Brewers
    Seats were great, total view of the ballpark and close to concession stands. From 7/9/17
  • MetLife Stadium, secção: 328, fila: 26, lugar: 18
    New York Jets vs Los Angeles Rams
    Fair warning, row 26 is the very last row in the section, we were pinned up against the wall and were very high up, the view is not BAD, but its certainly not great. Metlife Stadium is a lot like MSG, Not a bad seat really, but these are pretty sub-par.
  • MetLife Stadium, secção: 123, fila: 45, lugar: 21
    New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts
    Seats were pretty good, a little tight, but you get a great view of the action. Not bad for $30.00 a ticket. As usual, the further back you are, the less action you can see. especially in the opposite end-zone, but great seats overall.
  • Yankee Stadium, secção: 129, fila: 12, lugar: 15
    New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles
    These seats were awesome. you get a complete view of the field and are super close to the action. This was from June 20th 2104 when Beltran walked it off and gave the yanks a 5-3 win over the orioles.