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The Sound Inside

  • Studio 54, secção: Mezzanine R, fila: AA, lugar: 12
    The Sound Inside
    While this is one of the better mezzanine seats and there is a (relatively) unobstructed view, for a two person play, it would have been better to be in the orchestra. Good leg room. Safety railing slightly blocked view.
  • Studio 54, secção: Rear Mezzanine C, fila: EE, lugar: 212
    The Sound Inside
    Good view for the most part. The bar got in my way for some of the staging.
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 5 com theater estrelas
    Studio 54, secção: Rear Mezzanine LC, fila: FF, lugar: 101
    The Sound Inside
    No obstructions. On the aisle. Bar and restrooms on this level.