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Academy of Music » secção Balcony H

  • Academy of Music, secção: Balcony H, fila: B, lugar: 57
    Sat in the balcony section and we were 4 rows from the rail. My mom sat on an end seat and could see most of the show thought she did have to lean to see the one side. The second seat in is blocked by a column but a little lean and no big deal.
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 4 com theater estrelas
    Academy of Music, secção: Balcony H, fila: BB, lugar: 5
    Cinderella by Philadelphia Ballet
    I enjoyed the show a lot tonight with my girlfriend and you would see about 80% of the stage except to the far left. If you have someone seating in the front, you will have a little less coverage. Overall a great but not excellent seat.
  • Academy of Music, secção: balcony h, fila: bb, lugar: 7