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  • Heinz Hall, secção: FAM-C, fila: K, lugar: 102
    Dear Evan Hansen
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 3 com theater estrelas
    Heinz Hall, secção: Gally LC, fila: T, lugar: 113
    Dear Evan Hansen
    rnrnFar away, ok view, seats were small. Audio is great
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH C, fila: U, lugar: 113
    The Book of Mormon
  • Heinz Hall, secção: GT, fila: H, lugar: 3
    The Book of Mormon
    Seat was really good; only hindrance was a fidgety or tall person in seat front of you.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: PIT-C, fila: B, lugar: 119
    Lewis Black tour: The Joke's On Us Tour
    iPhone 6, no zoom; temporary seats in the orchestra pit
  • Heinz Hall, secção: GAL-LC, fila: L, lugar: 127

  • Anúncio
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH-R, fila: F, lugar: 14
    Jason Mraz tour: Live In Stereo with Toca Rivera
    iPhone 6, no zoom; taken seated during intermission, only 4 stars because it's off to the side
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH R, fila: P, lugar: 10
    Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Danny Elfman 10/14/18
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Grand Tier Left, fila: J, lugar: 7
    Stage will be obstructed if someone of average height is sitting in front of you.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: ORCH-L, fila: F, lugar: 3
    Jason Isbell
    iPhone 6, no zoom
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Fam-RC, fila: B, lugar: 110
    Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    No leg room whatsoever, tall people will not enjoy this seat
  • Heinz Hall, secção: FAM-LA, fila: A, lugar: 121
    Pittsburgh Speakers Series
    Very comfortable seats but they're not very wide and very little leg room. From a look around it didn't appear that many seats had more leg room.

  • Anúncio
  • anónima
    Heinz Hall, secção: Grand Teir Left, fila: J, lugar: 1
    Bonnie Raitt
    My view was obstructed the entire night plus it was too far away to see much detail. AVOID the Grand tier UNLESS closer and along the rail. This was aisle seat.
  • anónima
    Heinz Hall, secção: Grand Teir Left, fila: J, lugar: 10
    Bonnie Raitt
    Row J Seat 10, which is in the aisle. My view was obstructed like this the entire night. Good thing Bonnie stays stage center most of the time. I highly recommend NOT sitting in the Grand Tier Galley UNLESS you get the very most inside seat along the rail.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Orchestra Right, fila: Z, lugar: 24
    Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Fam-LC, fila: K, lugar: 109
    Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    The stage looks so far away in the pic. Not so in person.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Family Circle Center, fila: K, lugar: 108
    Beauty and the Beast
    National Tour 2012
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Grand Tier Center, fila: R, lugar: 110
    Hair , 1st National Tour 2011
    Overhang from the balcony can be distracting.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Orchestra Left, fila: R, lugar: 13
    The Book of Mormon , 2nd National Tour
    Surprisingly excellent seat. Floor is sloped enough that you can see over the heads of the row in front of you (and this is coming from someone who is 5'0"), great view of the entire stage. Plus, TWO arm rests -- no sharing with the person next to you.
  • Heinz Hall, secção: Orchestra Right, fila: E, lugar: 10
    The Book of Mormon , 2nd National Tour