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Os lugares daqui estão identificados com: tem uma vista obstruída para o palco tem um som incrível tem um som fantástico tem um som bom tem esta vista a meio do palco é uma cadeira rebatível está na ilha é acolchoado
  • Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: 2, lugar: 7
    Temple Of The Dog
    Section is behind the stage
  • Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: 3, lugar: 14
    Harry Styles vs Kia Forum Is Harry's House
    Full transparency, I can't remember if it was seat 12 or 14, I just know it was whichever one was on the aisle. Had an obstructed view sitting down but when you stand up you can see everything pretty well!
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 5 com concert estrelas
    Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: 9, lugar: 7
    Harry Styles tour: Harryween
    the second to last row but still better than not being in the building! it was very hot and very loud still up there
  • Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: A, lugar: 4
    Harry Styles tour: Love on Tour 2022
    Good seat for being in upper section however, even being in this row A when the people in the section below stand up the view is blocked by their heads!
  • Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: 10, lugar: 13
    Harry Styles tour: Love On Tour
  • Kia Forum, secção: 219, fila: 10, lugar: 17
    Harry Styles tour: Fine Line: One Night Only
    These seats are pretty far but the screens do help (sorta). It has an obstructed view and the sound is decent, but if you're screaming or singing along, you will hear your voice on the video. (i learned the hard way LOL) Still had a great time tho.