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NRG Stadium » secção 603

Os lugares daqui estão identificados com: pode estar à sombra num jogo durante o dia
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 4 com football estrelas
    NRG Stadium, secção: 603, fila: A, lugar: 4
    Manchester City vs Manchester United
    A pretty clear view of the field. To sit in row A you need to be at least 5-8" there is glass wall in front. However the top of it may impede your view at the wrong angle. If you are in row A seats 11-19 would be better than 4&5 as they are more angled.
  • NRG Stadium, secção: 603, fila: P, lugar: 16
    Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers
    Right by the goal & still can watch the action
  • NRG Stadium, secção: 603
    Houston Texans