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Target Field » secção 214

A secção 214 está identificada com: atrás da casa base
  • Target Field, secção: 214
    Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals
    This pic is taken from the open window in 2Gingers. Great views and a great place to get an overpriced drink but it gets pretty loud. I wouldn't want to be sitting outside in section 214 and listening to this bar crowd for the whole game.
  • Target Field, secção: 214, fila: 1, lugar: 10
    Minnesota Twins vs Oakland Athletics
    1st row, rail in view but still really good!
  • anónima
    Target Field, secção: 214, fila: 6, lugar: 12
    Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 5 com baseball estrelas
    Target Field, secção: 214, fila: 4, lugar: 5
    Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers
    Right after a storm