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  • Wyndham's Theatre, secção: Stalls, fila: G, lugar: 16
    Life of Pi
    Great view
  • Wyndham's Theatre, secção: Royal Circle, fila: D, lugar: 24
    Life of Pi , #wyndhams #lifeofpi
    Amazing stunning production of Life of Pi. My view was incredible! Legroom is a bit cramped, but it's a small theatre so I feel it's to be expected. The levelling of the rows was great, with enough height between them to see well above the people in front. If you're thinking of going to see this show- do it! You won't regret it. Also, I reckon many seats in this theatre prob have a good view as it's quite a small cosy theatre.
  • Wyndham's Theatre, secção: Grand circle, fila: D, lugar: 25
    Life of Pi
    Great seats for the price
  • anónima vista de um lugar de 4 com theater estrelas
    Wyndham's Theatre, secção: stalls, fila: A, lugar: 10
    Life of Pi